Sep 21, 2023
Fixed income update: Bond markets digest mixed signals
The key themes in global bond markets over the past month.
Jul 4, 2023
Higher inflation not the end of the 60/40 portfolio
Even in a world where global stocks and bonds are positively correlated, the 60/40 model delivers value to investors.
Apr 26, 2023
Why asset allocation is crucial for client success
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Mar 22, 2023
The enduring value of global diversification
Recent market events offer a stark reminder of the benefits of maintaining a globally diversified investment portfolio.
Mar 20, 2023
A look back and forward at the 60/40 portfolio
For the traditional 60/40 portfolio, 2022 was a punishing year. But the model’s long-term record has been stellar and, at current valuations, expected returns for the next decade have improved.
Jan 6, 2023
Why the outlook has improved for the 60/40 model
The turbulence in global equity and bond markets in 2022 has a silver lining for investors in traditional multi-asset portfolios. Find out why.